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Main Event Contract Agreement (Printer-Friendly PDF)

206 N. Lemke Street Cecil, WI 54111 (715) 745-2150

Payment & Deposit

To reserve your date, a $500 deposit is required; this is to pay for the hall rental. No fee required for non-profit groups. All meal costs (price per person plus tax & gratuity) must be paid in full the day before the event at the latest, by cash, check, or credit card. 3% charge for payment with credit card.

Tax & Gratuity Fees

Tax in Shawano County is 5.5% and added to the final bill, unless the organization is tax exempt. Gratuity is a service fee of 20% added to the final bill.


Food prices are subject to change. A 30-day written notice will be sent to you on the price changes. We have basic menus however we can also help you customize your event to make it special. The price will depend on the change. Vegetarian meals available if ordered in advance.

Event Planning

Please contact The Main Event to schedule an appointment with Rhonda or Sally 4-6 weeks prior to your event to go over all the details of your event. A final count is requested the Monday prior to your event.

Cancellation policy

No deposit will be returned. It may be used towards a postponement of the undersigned only for an available date. Cancellation of a date must be sent to us in writing and dated.

Dining room policy

As a licensed restaurant, ALL food must be provided by us. Absolutely no food drinks, or snacks are to be brought in. This does not include the wedding cake.

No leftovers are allowed by state law to leave the building. Food will safely be refrigerated and donated in your name to the food shelter if it can’t be utilized. The cost of your meal is for all you can eat in one sitting; there will always be extra food because we have to prepare enough and don’t want it looking empty, but this does not mean that this food is yours. So please do not ask for food or leftovers. We give you up to the 24 hours prior to the event to change your number.

For most large groups the meal is served buffet style. A head table and up to 20 people (maximum) at a “family table” can be served sit-down (family) style. While the head tables are being served, the rest of your guests will be invited to proceed through the buffet line.

If you have a cake, it will be cut and served as a dessert during the meal at no extra charge as our gift. The cake maker, per state law, must be licensed. We do not supply the plates for the wedding cake. Please bring disposable plates prior to the event. A charge will be added to bill if we use supplies from the Main Event for the cake.

Please remember to save time to take pictures with your cake prior to sitting down for dinner, we don’t want you to miss out on your picture opportunities and you will be overwhelmed with greeting guests when you arrive; please have the photographer or special attendant remind you of cake pictures.

The food is prepared for the desired dinner time specified during planning. If the event hosts (including wedding parties) are NOT in the building 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of dinner or dinner is served more than
30 minutes late, an additional $300 is required. Dinner should be planned first and then any other festivities such as toasts, slide shows, etc. should wait until after the meal is served.

All Saturday events require a minimum of 150 people. Food prices are subject to change. A 30-day written notice will be sent to you on the price changes.


Absolutely all beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, must be purchased from us. No carry-ins of any kind is allowed. It is illegal for anyone to bring in alcoholic beverages to a licensed premise. Also, no people under the age of 21 many consume alcoholic beverages on these premises, inside or outside, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian of age. This applies to members of the wedding party as well! To avoid any misunderstandings, inform your wedding party and family since it is strictly enforced. We are not trying to dampen the fun of the event, but this is a serious matter of law and we must comply.

Beer & Soda

Complimentary bar arrangements can be made during planning. ½ barrels are $250 each and soda per glass, can or bottle soda is $1.50


Wisconsin state law does not allow for smoking in ANY indoor public facilities.


As a courtesy to our customers we do allow decorating of the hall. This can be done the day of your event or if nothing else is scheduled the day before, we will work with you to decorate early. However, decorating is done within a scheduled period of time, 4 hours maximum. We will work with you to accommodate your time, again this is a courtesy we extend, not a guaranteed right.

The preferred method of attaching decorations is hanging or taping to existing hooks and railings. If taping or tacking, please use masking tape and push pins instead of Scotch tape or thumb tacks. NO scotch tape, nails, spikes, glue, putty or duct tape.

We have provided a beautiful clean setting for your event, and we need common sense to prevail. Candles are allowed with precautions such as a using a globe type glass to protect candles from tipping over. Finally, we cannot allow the use of any Confetti, sprinkles, sequins, silly-string, or glitter of any shape or size. These types of materials make a terrible mess, are impossible to clean up, gets into food and drink and is a hazard to little

You will be charged for any damage done to The Main Event or for special cleaning services needed.


All decorations must be taken down and removed at the end of the evening. Reasonable messes are to be expected, however we stress no drinks/liquids on the dance floor and any other damage or unreasonable damage, theft, or breakage by you or your guests will be added to your bill.

Linens & Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths and white napkins are included in the price. If you prefer colored napkins, you need to supply us with the napkins with the color you desire.

Make your wedding special with fresh linen tablecloths & napkins for an extra $1.25 per person. Variety of colors available from vendor

We thank you for choosing The Main Event

Our wish is to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience, with excellent food and service.

These guidelines and information were prepared so you may be better able to plan your event. They address areas of concern which we have identified over the years. We are not trying to burden you with rules and regulations, but rather provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your event. We are proud to be part of all your “main events’ in life. Dennis & Sally Rank and Rhonda & Hugs Strebel Please call The Main Event at 745-2150 for any questions during regular business hours; ask to speak with Sally or Rhonda, if unavailable they will return your call promptly. Please do not direct your questions to staff, if you need an answer immediately or have an emergency, please call Rhonda at (715) 853-3007.


I have read the above agreement and understand the terms of this contract.

We, ______________________________, the undersigned have paid the
required deposit to reserve our date and hall for _______________ (Date).

__________________________ Representative___________Dated Today

_____________________________________________Bride/Groom to Be

Contact Information

Address: _______________________________________________
Phone Numbers: _____________________or __________________

09/01/14 RRS
Prices current as of July 1, 2018. Prices may be subject to change.
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